The Misting Store has a complete inventory of mist rings and nozzle assembles in which to choose from.

We carry a complete line of stainless steel mist rings for your fans and our uni-nozzle assembly will allow you to properly position your mist in the area that you are trying to cool.  Our product line of mist nozzles are available in several water flow sizes and are available in both nickel plated and stainless steel.

The right selection of nozzles and mist ring sizes is instrumental in providing a cool, comfortable and dry environment. There are many factors in determining what size mist ring and nozzles to use, such type of climate (dry or humid). Whether you are using mist fans or mist line, type of misting applications (restaurant, pool deck or warehouse)


Stainless Steel Mist Ring

Used when large amounts of misting is required for cooling, such as paddock and corral areas.
18-SSMF mist ring designed for 18” mist fan with 4 nozzles
24- SSMF mist ring designed for 24” mist fan
30-SSMF mist ring designed for 30” mist fan with 8 nozzles


Uni-Nozzle Mist Assembly

Used when small more concentrated amounts of mist is required for cooling such as horse stalls.
UNI-NOZ center mounted nozzle mist nozzle assembly for 18” or 24” mist fans


UNI-NOZZLE 017  ceramic nozzle medium spray pattern


UNI-NOZZLE 0125  ceramic nozzle heavy spray pattern


Multi-Head Nozzles

MH-3 three headed mist nozzle
MH-5 five head mist nozzle


Mist Nozzles

Nickel plated nozzle with anti-drip, available in 3 flow rates
N-008 low volume of spray pattern
N-012 medium volume of spray pattern
N-020 large volume of spray pattern

The Misting Store engineers can help you select the proper mist nozzles for your specific needs and requirements.

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