It’s matter of DOLLARS & CENTS…. Hotels and resorts spend millions of dollars designing and building amenities for their guest’s enjoyment. In turn these guest’s generate millions of dollars in revenue for the hotels and resorts. Hospitality managers want to keep as much of these guests monies in their facilities as possible.

The Misting Store’s outdoor cooling systems can create an environment that can transform your hot, humid and empty outdoor venues into a pleasant, dry and comfortable revenue-generating environment.  We can help turn your pool bar, outdoor café, roof top bar and children’s play areas into an tropical oasis , by alleviating the stresses associated with summer’s oppressive heat indexes, your guests can utilize the amenities of your hotel and resort  year-round.

The misting store’s design team can provide  outdoor cooling systems that are non-intrusive and can blend into any décor or motif. With our innovative designs and applications we can tailor a system to meet your specific comfort levels and priced to meet your budget.

We are a full service company with the versatility to make your outdoor area (large or small) comfortable for your guests and profitable for you.

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