I live in a humid climate. Will a misting system work for me?

If properly designed and installed, yes a high pressure mist cooling system can be very effective for both residential and commercial outdoor venues. Various geographical regions have specific climates inherent to their summer’s weather. When designing a system you must take in account the specific conditions associated with the area in which you are trying to cool. For example in arid (dry) conditions more water can introduced into the environment then in a more humid environments. The Misting Store engineers can help in determining the proper water flow levels for your region.

What is the difference between a low pressure mist system and a high pressure mist system?

A low pressure mist system is based on using standard hose or tap pressure (30-60psi); although in-expensive they lack the key element that makes misting effective. Without high pressure the water cannot be atomized into small droplets, which enables the cooling effect of flash evaporation.High pressure mist system operate at 1000psi, thus enabling the water to be vaporized thus ensuring the driest and most effective cooling possible.

What is the difference between a Residential Mist System and a Commercial Mist System?

It is important to determine the application and usages that you intend to use your mist system for. If you only plan to use the system on week-end and special occasions then a residential system is fine, however if your plan is to use the system 7 day a week for 10 hours a day, then you have to use a commercial pump, if not you will only end up buying a new pump. There is also very subtle difference between a residential and commercial system.  The Misting Store can help in determining the best system for you.

Mist Fans Vs Mist Line

A Mist Fan utilizes two main components of cooling; evaporative cooling and convectional cooling. By introducing a mist system into the front of a fan you are moving the mist (flash evaporation) over a larger more direct area, the air movement created by the fan (convectional cooling) creates a wind chill which will lower temperatures by as much as 25 degrees.  When trying to cool a humid environment the mist fan is extremely more effective than a mist line. In many cases the combination of Mist lines and Mist Fans work well together and at The Mist Store we can help you in implementing both systems into your designs.

The two most accepted mist applications are the Mist Line and The Mist Fan. The mist line comprises of a series of mist nozzles in-line with one-another. This produces a curtain of mist which will cool the air. However a mist line relies on nature’s movement of air in which to cool the surrounding areas. A mist line is usually installed around a perimeter of a building or in an open (non-covered area). Mist lines will produce an ambient temperature drop of about 5-10 degrees. Mist lines work well in dry climates; they however are not as effective in humid climates.

Are there any other benefits to a Misting System?

The biggest benefit is environmental. A misted area has less dust, reduces odor, and is abatement to flying insects. This is ideal for enjoying outdoor areas, previously unusable due to intolerable heat.