The Misting Store’s offers variety of fan sizes and performance levels for every outdoor cooling application. Our fans come in a variety of sizes and performance levels. All of the Misting Store’s fans have been design for outdoor applications  (wet-rated) , with sealed motors  and epoxy coatings and are UL rated.

The Misting Stores selection of fan sizes and coverage’s, will you to choose the fan that best serves your cooling needs. If you have any questions on which fan would be best suited for your cooling needs we will be happy to guide you in your fan selection.

14″ Cabana Fan

18″ Cool Breeze Fan

18″ Coastal Cool Breeze Stainless Steel Fan

18″ & 24″ Windchaser Fan

18″ & 24″ Coastal Windchaser Stainless Steel Fan

TRI-Mist Ceiling Fan

18″ Stable Cool Fan

18″ Wood Fan Series

16″ & 24″ Turbo Cool Industrial Fans

16″ & 24″ Coastal Turbo Cool Stainless Steel Industrial Fans

18″ Port-A-Breeze portable fans

24″ Port-A-Breeze all terrain portable fans