PIC 11.1Coolscaping Mist Cloud Boxes is our line of designer liquid shade mist structures that can provide a cooling mist in a sleek architectural design for your outdoor area. These innovative  Coolscaping  Mist Boxes are perfect for roof-top terraces, pool decks and lounging areas. The structures are design for the upscale hospitality and residential market in both its unique design and in materials used. A liquid shade Coolscaping Mist Box will enhance any outdoor venue by lowering ambient temperatures while proving additional visual interest to the area.

Coolscaping Mist boxes come in 3 different sizes 16” 28” and 42” tall and constructed of exterior grade powder coated aluminum or stainless steel. We can custom finish each project s to reflect our client’s specific needs and requirements.

Our Coolscaping Mist boxes can transform an outdoor venue into a chic and inviting environment. We have any number of designs that when installed will enhance any design or motif. All of our products are outdoor rated and can be fixed or mobile for maximum utilization. We can work with your designer, builder or architect to insure that each CoolScaping Mist Box is properly installed.

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