comer 1Our commercial and industrial cooling applications are designed to operate where conventional air condition is not practical or simply to expensive. Our systems are design for a variety of climates, arid (dry) or wet (humid) we can achieve levels of cooling that will allow your employees to work in a cool, dry and safe environment. With correctly applied methodology a temperature reduction of up to 25 degrees can be achieved with virtually no increase in humidity.

How Does A Mist Cooling System Work?

By pressuring water  into micro-droplets into the atmosphere they are flash evaporated when they come into contact with hot air and turn into gasses. These gasses in-turn consume the heat in the air. That heat is effectively removed from the air and when repeated millions of times a second which results in large amounts of heat energy being remove from your work place.

Where Can A Mist Cooling System Be Used?

Properly designed and installed a mist cooling system can be used in any open-air warehouse facility, auto garage, loading dock, cold-storage facilities, green-houses  and nurseries.  Each facility has it’s own operating characteristics and The Misting Store’s has the products and design expertise to apply to the cooling principals to your facility.

How Can A Mist Cooling System Help?

Keeping your employees and clients cool and safe during summer’s oppressive heat indexes is just smart business. A more productive employee increase reduces operating costs and increases   revenue. By providing a safe working environment for you will cut down on heat stress related accidents and improve productivity of your staff. By providing a cool environment many of your heat sensitive products will be protected  and by creating a cool environment your customers will be more  apt to do business with you.

How Much does a Commercial Mist Cooling System Cost?

When compared to the benefits and operating costs very cost efficient. Each facility depending on the size and tasks and design will factor into the over-all cost, a mist system is vary affordable. An average commercial system for a medium size auto-garage is between $4000.00 to &8000.00, however the operating cost (especially compared to air conditioning) is very low.

What are my mist cooling design options?

Depending on the work functions and tasks employed in your facility, some facilities require specific cooling for stationary work places such as assembly tables, other require over-all facility cooling, and others require cooling for receiving and shipping areas. The Misting Store can help you in determining the most efficient cooling system at the best prices.

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